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What is a Netapp Vfiler or Multistore

What is Netapp Vfiler

Multi Store enables you to partition the storage and network resources of a single storage system so that it appears as multiple storage systems on the network.

Multi store is a optional software License its available in Net app you need to buy this feature.

Benefit of Using Multistore:

1. Virtualisation

2. Consolidation

3. Security: Security is one of the key concerns when storage is consolidated either within an
organization or by an application service provider. vFiler units enable you to have different security domains within the same storage system

4. Delegation of management: vFiler unit administrators can have different access rights compared tostorage system administrators

5. Disaster recovery and data migration: MultiStore enables you to migrate or back up data from one storage system to another without extensive reconfiguration on the destination storage system

MultiStore for service providers and enterprises:

Service providers, such as ISPs and SSPs, can partition the resources of a storage system to create many vFiler units for client companies. Similarly, the information technology (IT) department of an enterprise can create vFiler units for various organizations, or customers, within the enterprise.

The administrator for each customer can manage and view files only on the assigned vFiler unit, not on other vFiler units that reside on the same storage system.

create the following vFiler units on a storage system

A vFiler unit named vFilerA
It uses the /vol/vol1 volume and the e0 interface on the storage system.
It is leased to CompanyA.
• A vFiler unit named vFilerB
It uses the /vol/vol2 volume and the e1 interface on the storage system.
It is leased to CompanyB.

What is default Vfiler

MultiStore, Data ONTAP automatically creates a default vFiler unit on the hosting
storage system. The name of the default vFiler unit is vfiler0

Initially, vfiler0 owns all the resources on the storage system. After you create additional vFiler units,vfiler0 owns the resources that are not owned by the vFiler units you created

The default vFiler unit exists as long as the MultiStore license is enabled

You cant destroy default vfiler

Number of vFiler units allowed

You can have Maximum 65 Vfiler Unit on single storage system.

You can create 64 vfiler,65th is the Default vfiler vfiler0

Supported interfaces and protocols

Ethernet interfaces and the NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, HTTP, RSH, SSH, and FTP protocols are supported on
vFiler units

MultiStore management tasks

You can perform the following MultiStore management tasks:
• Enable and disable the MultiStore license
• Allow and disallow protocols to be run on a vFiler unit
• Create a vFiler unit
• Set up a vFiler unit
• Start and stop a vFiler unit
• Destroy a vFiler unit
• Move resources to and from a vFiler unit
• Monitor the status of a vFiler unit
From a destination storage system, you can perform the following additional tasks:
• Move a vFiler unit from one hosting storage system to another
• Create a disaster recovery vFiler unit

The tasks are as follows:
• Manage users
• Manage iSCSI, LUNs, and initiator groups
• Manage NFS exports and CIFS shares
• Manage quotas
• Prepare vFiler units for virus protection

Enabling the MultiStore license

license add license_key

Disabling the MultiStore license

You can disable multistore license there or no vfiler exists on this system other then vifer0.

license delete multistore

How to create a vFiler unit

The following conditions must be met before you can create a vFiler unit:
• You must create at least one unit of storage (qtrees, traditional or flexible volumes) before creating the vFiler unit.
• The storage unit that contains information about configuring the vFiler unit must be writable.
It must not be a read-only file system, such as the destination volume or qtree in a SnapMirror
• The IP address used by the vFiler unit must not be configured when you create the vFiler unit


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